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VICE News launches on YouTube

VICE News will bring you stories on a range of issues, from the effects of toxic waste in Chicago to the ongoing conflict with Mexico’s Knights Templar drug cartel. You’ll get a frank look at the news of the day from the team that’s gone behind closed borders and embedded themselves inside the Afghan National Army. And you can choose how to stay up to speed, whether you want to follow raw events via live stream, or just get a daily “capsule.” Subscribe to the VICE News channel here:


You can now upload gameplay and snap videos with YouTube on Xbox One

YouTube now also supports Xbox One Snap Mode (so you can move it to one side of your screen, where it will continue to run while you do something else on the main part of your screen) ’cause ain’t nobody got time to switch between screens while in the middle of a game. Watch a how-to video while stuck on a board, play an awesome music playlist while you finish a level, or catch up with the guys from TeamCrafted while browsing on your Xbox One.