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Fairs & Festivals of Jaipur

fair-festivalJaipur is a land marked with innumerous Fairs and Festivals. The Teej festival, held during the Monsoon season is celebrated to worship Lord Shiva and Parvati. And married women pray for a happy and prosperous married life. The festival is marked with colorful decorated swings which are hung from the trees, symbolizing togetherness. Vibrant processions are taken out through the winding roads of the old city and the Teej idol is worshipped lavishly.

kite-festivalThe kite festival is another occasion that sees the Jaipur city dress up in bright hues. The entire Rajasthan sky is literally filled with thousands of Kites that come in a wide variety of shapes and types. The Kite festival is particularly famous among Jaipur and Rajasthan, where Kites with fitted lights and fireworks could be seen. This particular festival has been drawing a huge number of tourists from across the globe every year. Gangaur Fair is held all over the state of Rajasthan and happens to be one of the most important festivals in the state. The idols of Issar and gangaur, symbolizing Shiva and Parvati, are worshipped with great devotion and respect. The festival is of more importance to the unmarried ladies who pray for a consort. Processions are taken out by young women, who dress up in bright colorful clothes and carry the image of the divine couple, Issar and gangaur.

fair-festival2The procession passes through literally the entire city and is a spectacle to watch. The Kolyat fair is another important festival that continues for 10 days in Bikaner. The location of the Kolyat fair is exactly where Kapil Muni had supposedly meditated. The place is a sprawling lake with 52 ghats and Banyan trees shading the entire Lake periphery. Devotees, usually in the counts of a few thousands, take a holy dip in the lake, which cleanse them of their sins. Most visitors make it a point to worship at the nearby temples and pray for prosperity. The Temples perform lavish Aarti and offer Bhog. Jaipur and other cities in its close vicinity boasts of a astonishing number of festivals and fairs almost round the year.

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