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Jaipur Culture

cultureOne of the most frequented tourist spots in Asia, Jaipur has been bustling with visitors since several years. A distinct influence of Rajput and Mughals could be observed in the general cultural facets of the city. In areas of Crafts and Arts, Jaipur has been famous for its offerings of Zari, Gota, Kinari and Zardozi, Silver Jewelry fitted with precious, semi-precious and colored stones. Kundan, Meenakari are famous too. Blue pottery, which was a Persian art, finds a suitable market in Jaipur too. Sculptures in marble and sand-stones are often exported to foreign shores. The city is also famous for its edge in performing arts. The Jaipur Gharana for Kathak , happens to be very famous and is practiced in cities even beyond the boundaries of Rajasthan.

The dance depicts the royal heritage and cultural history attached with the state. Jaipur plays host to few of the most famous fairs, which draws visitors from across the Globe. Most of the international visitors, tour the fairs just to for the urge for culture1folk photography, many of which have been published in international journals and travel magazines.

The Teej festival, Chaksu Fair, Shitla Mata Fair, Chhat ka Mela, Elephant Fair are few of the most acclaimed ones. The city gets draped in vibrant shades of color during Navratri and is a sheer pleasure to watch. Rajasthani Folk songs draw interest even far off from the Indian lands. The colorful dresses, ethnic jewelry and the exotic turbans, characterize the elements of Rajasthani soil. The primary language of Jaipur is Rajasthani. However, the city is full of people well versed in Marwari, Hindi and English, especially tour guides and operators, who frequently deal with tourists of varied origins.

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