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Jaipur Festivals

festival1The land of Jaipur has been marked with several festivals, which span literally throughout the year. And tourists from across the globe visit the city during those times of the year, to participate in the festivals. Firstly, worth mentioning is the Camel Festival organized by the Department of Tourism of the Rajasthan Government. The festival is marked with a colorful procession of bedecked camels that show up against the mesmerizing backdrop of the red sand-stoned Junagarh Fort.

The Camel Festival comprises of camel dance, tug-of-war and acrobatics. The Elephant Festival is another very popular festival that has years of heritage. The festival is scheduled on the eve of Holi in Jaipur and begins with a colorful procession of elephants, camels, horses and local folk dancers, dressed in bright vibrant ethnic dresses. Female elephant are lavishly decorated and made to wear anklets. The best dressed Elephant wins a prize.

The festival marks the onset of spring and end of the winters. Thefestival Mewar Festival is another 18 days long festival celebrated to welcome the arrival of spring. The festival is especially important to the female who try and dress to the best of their abilities. The women usually dress up the images of Issar and Gangaur , before participating in a large ceremonial procession , that passes through different parts of the city.

The procession ends at the Pichhola Lake , where the images are floated off in special boats amidst singing and dancing. Dusshera , is a festival celebrated to remember the triumph of good over evil symbolized by the victory of Lord Rama over Ravana. Plays enacted on stage, during this time of the year are popularly known as Ramlila. There are several other equally important festivals such as Marwar Festival, Summer Festival, Teej Festival, etc each organized to herald the arrival of a particular season.

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