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Jaipur Weather

nightlifeJaipur , the city of Palaces and forts , is one of the most visited cities in India and attracts visitors in the counts of a few thousands literally round the year. While most tourists come to Jaipur in search of History and Royal extravaganzas, a whooping number of visitors reach Jaipur, only to worship at the innumerous temples that dot the periphery of the Pink City. However, Jaipur predominantly is a hot city with summer temperatures soaring up and above 45C, though the winters are relatively cooler with average temperatures bordering around a pleasant 10C. Though Jaipur , of late has been experiencing some cold waves resulting in temperatures plunging down to 5-7C. The humidity levels are generally low, though jaipur often remains blanketed by dense fogs during the early mornings and late evenings, which results in delayed flights and train services.

The climate in Jaipur is semi-arid type with the city experiencing monsoon rains during the months of August jaipur-weather1and September, with occasional thunderstorms. Jaipur receives approximately over 650 mm of rainfall per year. Roads washouts and landslides are common affairs on hilly areas. Summers in Jaipur are very harsh with very high Humidity. Tourists visiting the city during summers are advised to drink plenty of water and avoid Sun as much as possible. The rainy season though abrupt doesn’t provide any respite from the heat.

Winters remain the best time for Jaipur visit. The moths of October to March , therefore sees a major surge in visitor footfalls , with most Trains , Flights and hotel running packed. In fact most fair and festivals in Jaipur are organized during the winters, so as to attract more crowd. Hotels and resorts usually plan Safaris and packaged tours during the months of January and February.

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