Bikaner Tour Package

Bikaner, in the Thar Desert, is a gem in the making thanks to its colourful dunes, amazing forts, and desert safaris. Now, we take you on a fantastic adventure to the city with our Bikaner Tour Package, which is customized for you. Discover with us the massive and spectacular forts and palaces on the cityscape, attesting to the might and luxury of its former rulers. In addition to its historical landmarks, the city is a paradise for foodies because of its wide variety of tasty street meals and snacks. Choose us as we offer you the best of the city in our travel plan.

The fourth biggest city in Rajasthan, it’s vital to the state’s infrastructure. Another distinguishing feature of this city is its location. This is why residents and tourists call it “camel country.” There are some of the world’s top camel riders living there. In our Bikaner travel Package, we still need to include a camel ride for you.

Tourists flock to Bikaner because of the city’s abundance of unique attractions. History buffs will enjoy visiting Bikaner’s many museums and historical sites, such as the Gajner Palace, Junagarh Fort, Rampuria Haveli, Prachina Museum, Lalgarh Palace and Museum, Bhandasar Jain Temple and so on. Tourists may get a feel for the city’s religious life by visiting one of two temples: the beautiful Bhandasar Jain Temple or the mystical Karni Mata Temple. Our Bikaner Holiday Package includes a great deal.

Bikaner’s Karni Mata Temple is a significant draw for visitors. The rat population of the temple, known as kabbas, is noteworthy because they are subject of worship as sacred animals. Those taking a trip to Bikaner should make a point of visiting the Bhandsar Jain Temple. Built in the 15th century, this three-story temple is famous as the finest example of Rajputana design. Sumatinath, the sixth Jain Tirthankara, holds this place in high regard.

To bring in a lot of tourists, Bikaner’s tourism industry has done a good job of keeping the city’s original character alive in every way. By putting you in touch with a knowledgeable local guide, our Rajasthan Tour Package can help you make the most of your stay there. Indeed, beautiful desert panoramas with golden dunes sit with bustling villages with distinctive Rajput architecture, bustling spice markets, and perfumed air.


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Our 12 Best Bikaner Tour Packages

The Compact Jodhpur And Bikaner Tour Package

3 Days 2 Nights

The Compact Jodhpur And Bikaner Tour Package

Bikaner / Jodhpur
Starting From
₹ 12,899
Fascinating Jaipur Bikaner and Jodhpur Tour Package

5 Days 4 Nights

Fascinating Jaipur Bikaner and Jodhpur Tour Package

Bikaner / Jaipur / Jodhpur
Starting From
₹ 18,999
Special Jaisalmer Bikaner And Jaipur Tour Package

6 Days 5 Nights

Special Jaisalmer Bikaner And Jaipur Tour Package

Bikaner / Jaipur / Jaisalmer
Starting From
₹ 23,999
Splendid One Week Rajasthan Tour Package

7 Days 6 Nights

Splendid One Week Rajasthan Tour Package

Starting From
₹ 27,199
Marwar Tour Package

7 Days 6 Nights

Marwar Tour Package

Jodhpur / Jaisalmer / Thar Desert / Bikaner / Jaipur
Starting From
₹ 27,999
Complete Tour Itinerary of Rajasthan

9 Day's 8 Night's

Complete Tour Itinerary of Rajasthan

Jaipur / Bikaner / Jaisalmer / Thar Desert / Jodhpur / Udaipur
Starting From
₹ 35,999
Mewar and Marwar Tour Package

9 Days 8 Nights

Mewar and Marwar Tour Package

Bikaner / Jaipur / Jaisalmer / Jodhpur / Mount Abu / Ranakpur / Thar Desert / Udaipur
Starting From
₹ 37,999

Best Places to Visit in With Bikaner Tour Package

Here is a complete list of things you may view when sightseeing in and around Bikaner if you’re looking for great places to visit while you’re in town. If you plan a trip to Bikaner with our Bikaner Holiday Package, add these landmarks to your itinerary.

In the list of our Bikaner travel Package comes at first the Junagarh Fort. Junagarh is a fortress so well in defence that it has never been the subject for any attack. It’s construction was in 1588 AD by Raja Rai Singh, a notable commander under Emperor Akbar. However, the fort complex is home to several magnificent palaces constructed from marble and red sandstone, and visitors may take in the beautiful architecture, which has a variety of courtyards, balconies, kiosks, and windows.

The making of this majestic palace was possible under Maharaja Ganga Singh’s direction. It was celebrate the Maharaja’s father, Lal Singh, this impressive structure came into finish entirely from red sandstone. Known as an “Eastern Dream,” the design is claimed by Sir Swinton Jacob, who fused Rajputana, Islamic, and European styles.

The museum has an impressive collection of artefacts from the Harappa and early Gupta periods, earning it its reputation as the state’s best. As it is true, the museum’s many galleries include everything from paintings and sculptures to woven carpets and clay pottery to ancient coins and Rajput weaponry.

Maharaja Ganga Singh, ruler of the Indian kingdom of Bikaner, resided at the Laxmi Niwas Palace. Between 1898 and 1902, Sir Samuel Swinton Jacob, a British architect, oversaw the construction of this building. It had Indo-Saracenic style in its making.

This museum is a special one in our Bikaner Holiday Package. The museum is located in the massive Junagarh Fort, showcasing Rajasthan’s royal court attire. However, the ‘Poshaks’ (women’s clothing) is a sombre reminder of the disappearing art of sewing in traditional patterns and designs.

Deshnok is home to a beautiful temple dedicated to the goddess Karni Mata. Paintings of the Hindu goddess Karni Mata are inside its walls. Garlands and a ‘mukut,’ or tiara, are in use to embellish the artwork.

All of these sites are your best memorable time within the Bikaner Holiday Package. Just give us a call and we will share a full travel itinerary with you as per your comfort.

How to Reach Bikaner

Our customized Bikaner Tour Package includes all sorts of trip assistance, which includes air, road, and railroad travel. We know you all have separate preferences, so we are ready. Book the one you prefer with us at the best price.

By Road

India’s major towns and metropolises are linked by the National Highways 11, 15, and 89, as well as the State Highways that join them. Passengers can choose from luxury buses, buses with air conditioning, buses without air conditioning, and sleeping coaches to make their trips go quickly and comfortably.

By Train

The city’s two busiest railway stations are Lalgarh and Bikaner Junction. You can reach any of these locations from the heart of the vast majority of India’s major cities in under an hour.

By Air

Jodhpur International Airport, which is around 251 kilometres from the city, is now the closest airport to Bikaner. It has excellent linkages to the other major cities in India.

Now, our Bikaner Travel Package has all these options available. As per your budget you can find the best options for you. Just call us and we will do the booking for you.

Shopping Market in Bikaner

Indeed, we know many of you seek this opportunity in our Bikaner Travel Package. Travellers from around the globe go to this region of Rajasthan to see its legendary Camel Festival, Thar Desert, wildlife sanctuaries, and historic forts. In addition to visiting the tourist attractions, shopping in Bikaner is a definite must. While in Bikaner, you may go shopping for authentic Rajasthani handicrafts. A popular tourist destination may be found in the western part of Rajasthan.

Visit this outdoor market if you’re in the neighbourhood of Toliyasar Bheruji Temple. It’s just across the street from the famous temple and is hailed as one of the best places to get bargains in all of Bikaner. Necklaces and earrings, among other forms of costume jewellery, may be purchased here that have been crafted by hand.

The greatest location to get genuine Rajasthani traditional attire for adults, women, and children is this market. Also, they provide a wide variety of fashionable options for women to choose from. A Kurta may be there in whatever colour you desire. They also have saree collections available.

Now, handloom sarees most often come in use due to their low cost, good quality, and durability. Furthermore, this saree shop sells authentic samples of both silk and cotton sarees.

We have the best guides who can show you these places, allowing you to discover the best shopping opportunities. All are parts of our Bikaner Holiday Package, so get ready to be amazed.

The Best Time to Visit Bikaner

The ideal season to visit Bikaner is winter, October–March. Summer is best avoided, although the city is nice in the monsoons. Our Bikaner Tour Package is customized for trips in different seasons. So don’t worry. Call us and find the perfect Bikaner travel Package just as you want. Happy Journey!!

So, as a part of the Ajmer Tour Package we will offer you the best package for you. Exceptional travel solutions customized for you are now with us. Call us now!

FAQs for Bikaner Tour Package

Should we bring winter clothing to Bikaner? What types of clothing should we bring ?

Wearing loose-fitting pants or skirts and cotton tops can help you stay cool in Bikaner’s high temperatures; you should also pack a light sweater or jacket in case of rain.

What is the appropriate attire for visiting religious places in Bikaner?

You must wear clothing that covers your shoulders and knees. Always bring a scarf to cover your hair and wear loose clothes.

Would you be able to recommend some of Bikaner's most well-known fairs and festivals to me?

Bikaner plays host to a number of internationally renowned festivals, including the Camel Festival, Kapil Munni, Karni Mata Fair, and Gangaur Festival.

How many days would be sufficient for a visit to Bikaner ?

We recommend a minimum of three nights in Bikaner if you plan on seeing the most of the city’s top attractions. Gajner Palace and Devi Kund Sagar are two examples of well-known attractions that are located outside of the city proper yet nonetheless attract many visitors.

How did the city of Bikaner get its name?

The ornately carved havelis built by the wealthy local merchant class in the 18th century were made of red sandstone and could accommodate several people. Because of this, the city became famously red.