Chittorgarh Tour Package

The Chittor Fort is one of Rajasthan’s most well-known landmarks. Its genesis comes from the Pandavas of the Mahabharata. Now, according to myth, Bhima, one of the Pandava brothers, constructed the stronghold. The fort is located on a hill that is 180 metres high and covers an area of 700 acres. It has the Meera and Khumba Shyam Temple. Meera, a mystic poetess who devoted herself to Lord Krishna, has ties to the area, and her bhajans have been imprinted in the folklore and literary traditions of the area and other parts of India. Also, as you visit the Chittorgarh Tour Package you can have the best taste of the place at its virgin self.

The Fort of Chittorgarh is the largest in Rajasthan and has been the focal point of many historical events in India. This fortress has one of the best-designed layouts, making it ideal for a lavish lifestyle. From a strategic military perspective, its position is also ideal. This fort, long under the impression to be invincible, was under capture by the Mughals, who are largely to blame for its near-total destruction. The few remaining architectural buildings still hold their heads high in reverence and pride for their history as reminders of the magnificence of the Rajput monarchs of Mewar. Because of the sad story of Rani Padmini, this fort has a unique place in the hearts of all Indians. Yes, you will have a thorough trip in these parts With Our Rajasthan Tour Package. As you opt for our Chittorgarh travel Package be sure that you will get it all.

The structure takes on the form of a fish when seen from above. The fort itself covers an area of 700 acres and has a diameter of 13 km. There are seven entrances to the city, all of which are under protection by massive gates. Ram Gate is the name of the primary entryway. Indeed, there are 65 different structures in the fort, including temples, palaces, monuments, and even bodies of water. Our Chittorgarh Holiday Package covers all of these aspects and that too within your budget.


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Our 12 Best Chittorgarh Tour Packages

Royal Udaipur And Chittorgarh Tour Package

4 Days 3 Nights

Royal Udaipur And Chittorgarh Tour Package

Chittorgarh / Udaipur
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₹ 17,299
Full Adventurous Rajasthan Tour Package

5 Days 4 Nights

Full Adventurous Rajasthan Tour Package

Chittorgarh / Jodhpur / Kumbhalgarh / Ranakpur / Udaipur
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Special Jaipur to Udaipur Tour Package

5 Days 4 Nights

Special Jaipur to Udaipur Tour Package

Jaipur / Chittorgarh / Udaipur
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Exciting Jaipur With Mewar Tour Package

6 Days 5 Nights

Exciting Jaipur With Mewar Tour Package

Chittorgarh / Jaipur / Udaipur
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Luxurious Jaipur, Mewar and Ranthambore Tour Package

7 Days 6 Nights

Luxurious Jaipur, Mewar and Ranthambore Tour Package

Jaipur / Ranthambore / Chittorgarh / Udaipur
Starting From
₹ 28,999

Best Places to Visit with Chittorgarh Tour Package

The city’s namesake, the 700-acre Chittorgarh Fort, sits on a hill 180 metres high and is the inspiration for the name Chittorgarh. Chittorgarh, sometimes spelt Chittor, is the largest garh (fort) in India and is a must-see on any trip to the region. Let us offer you the perfect opportunity this season to choose the Chittorgarh Tour Package and discover the below mentioned fascinating sites of the city.

Our Chittorgarh travel Package starts with Chittorgarh Fort, Located on a hill 180 metres in elevation, Chittor Fort covers an area of 700 acres (2.8 km2). Now, the Mauryans built it in the seventh century A.D. Bhima, one of the five Pandavas, whose names are in the legend as the structure’s builder. All called this fort home at some point in their respective reigns as Rajput soldiers.

The last name in the Chittorgarh Holiday Package is this one. Legend has it that Alauddin Khalji, Sultan of Delhi, was allowed to gaze at his own mirror in Rani Padmini’s palace. The mirror was moved so that even if he turned around, he still couldn’t see inside the room. Khalji believed Rawal Ratan Singh, Rani’s husband, when he said that Khalji would be beheaded if he returned.

After defeating the kingdoms of Malwa and Gujarat in 1440, Maharana Kumbha commemorated his success by building the majestic Vijay Stambha, a towering nine-story structure. Moreover, sculptures and other works of art adorn the tower’s outside walls. The tower is visible from everywhere in the city. A spectacular panorama of the surrounding area awaits those who make the ascent up the tower’s 157 steps.

The next destination in our Chittorgarh travel Package is the Kalika Mata Temple. The seventh-century sanctuary to the Sun God was converted into a temple to Kali, the mother of the sun, in the fourteenth century. Fairs and devotees from throughout the world visit the temple during Navratri.

All of these sites are your best memorable time within the Chittorgarh Holiday Package. Just give us a call and we will share a full travel itinerary with you as per your comfort.

How to Reach Chittorgarh

By Road

Chittorgarh is conveniently linked to every major city and town in India by a reliable network of roads. Moreover, the Golden Quadrilateral Road Project and the North-South-East-West Corridor Expressways both have their hubs in Chittorgarh City. The bus depot or terminal in Chittorgarh is centrally located between the old and new sections of the city. You can opt for flight booking services from us as a part of the Chittorgarh Tour Package.

By Train

There are also very good rail links to various cities and towns from Chittorgarh. The Gambhiri River borders Chittorgarh railway station. The station links Delhi to Kota, Udaipur, Jaipur, and Ajmer, making it valuable. The Palace on Wheels makes a stop at the Chittorgarh train station, providing even another choice for rail travellers.

By Air

The nearest airport is Udaipur (Dabok Airport), also in Udaipur. Chittorgarh’s airport is around 70 km distant and has daily flights to major cities. Buses, taxis, and regular trains connect Jaipur (Sanganer) Airport with Chittorgarh, which is located around 300 km to the north.

Now, our Chittorgarh Travel Package has all these options available. As per your budget you can find the best options for you. Just call us and we will do the booking for you.

Shopping Market in Chittorgarh

Indeed, we have the shopping schedules in the Chittorgarh Holiday Package! Shopping in Chittorgarh is one of the best ways for tourists and visitors to Jaipur to experience the city’s beautiful bazaars and markets. Chittorgarh’s many stores and marketplaces provide visitors a fun and different kind of shopping experience, hence the city is often visited by tourists.

TLocally manufactured products, contemporary metalwork, and more are available here. Chittorgarh’s retail commerce relies on its fine handicrafts. In addition, the markets of Chittorgarh are teeming with a vast variety of camel leather goods, wooden antiquities, bright bangles, miniature paintings, and dupattas.

A famous and bustling marketplace can be found in Chittorgarh. This place attracts a large throng from India and outside. The famed Sadar Bazaar in Chittorgarh sells traditional Rajasthani goods. It’s crowded, vibrant, and alive with activity.

The Rana Sanga Market is another famous place to go in Chittorgarh if you want to have a wonderful day shopping. What other attractions exist that rival Chittorgarh Fort in terms of fame and awe? The Rana Sanga Market in Chittorgarh distributes wonderful Rajasthani goods

The Best Time to Visit Chittorgarh

Make the best of our Chittorgarh travel Package and explore the best of the city with full vigor. The dry season of Chittorgarh is October to March, thus tourists should plan excursions then. In winter, you may view Chittorgarh in its full glory and enjoy a lengthy tour of the city. The Chittorgarh Tour Package is open for all kinds of options from you. This is the best time to take advantage of our special package and enjoy!

So, as a part of the Chittorgarh Tour Package we will offer you the best package for you. Exceptional travel solutions customized for you are now with us. Call us now!

FAQs for Chittorgarh Tour Package

Is it possible to bring an automobile inside Chittorgarh Fort ?

Getting to the fort gates in your car is a breeze. Remember that certain roads are busy. Even with the automobile, seeing everything in such a wide region took time.

Is it possible for us to go to Jauhar Kund in Chittorgarh ?

The Jauhar Kund is a must-see if you visit Chittorgarh. Jauhar Kund is considered just as significant to Chittorgarh’s history as the Padmini Palace. The queens of Chittorgarh and their consorts turned to the practise of Johar after the assassination of Rana Ratan Singh by Allauddin Khilji in 1303.

Which dessert is particularly well-known in Chittorgarh ?

Badam Halwa In this region, the badam (sometimes spelt almond) is one of the most popular nuts eaten. Almonds are utilised to create a deliciously sweet delicacy in this region. This dish is made with rawa, almonds, sugar, ghee, and plenty of your favourite dried fruits. Since it is served hot, this dessert is best enjoyed on a chilly winter evening.

Is it worthwhile to make the trip to Chittorgarh ?

The Rajasthani city of Chittorgarh is known for its culture and history. The beautiful UNESCO World Heritage Site Chittorgarh fortification distinguishes this city.