Ranakpur Tour Package

Ranakpur, a quiet hamlet in Rajasthan’s Pali region, is sacred to Jainism. Tourists visit Ranakpur in western India to see its most respected temples. A peaceful Aravalli Ranges valley is 96 kilometres from Udaipur. Indeed, you can visit this area all year long because of the tranquil atmosphere and the beautiful Jain temples built of amber stones around the year 1438. For that you can opt for our Ranakpur Tour Package properly arranged for your specific travel. Opt for our top package to get all the travel benefits from us.

Visitors flock to this picturesque hamlet in Rajasthan, which is also famous as the “town of temples.” The region around Ranakpur is home to a number of world-famous attractions. Moreover, Rana Kumbha, a king, granted land to a rich merchant so that it might be in use to build Jain temples. Therefore, the city was named after the kind king who founded it.

The Ranakpur travel Package can show you the Jain temple at Ranakpur, most popular attraction among visitors and many more. It has a total size of 40000 square feet and is full of exquisite sculptures at every turn. Now, the myriad celestial bodies and nymphs commemorated in stone are the structure’s main attraction. The icing on the cake are the two massive bells, each weighing 108 kilogrammes. Then, other beautiful places are the Aravalli mountains and the Maharani Bagh orchard. The trail of memories left by a trip to Ranakpur might be made up of many different things. Experience it all with the Rajasthan Holiday Package.

It’s probable that the jeep safari in the Ranakpur valley will be one of the highlights of your trip there. The Kumbhalgarh wildlife reserve and horseback riding across the nearby Aravalli hills are two further highlights of the trip. Since a visit to Ranakpur necessitates at least two nights of lodging, it is the ideal destination for a restorative weekend getaway. Experience it all as we have the most dedicated guide for you. All of these are parts of our Ranakpur Tour Package, so why wait?


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Our 12 Best Ranakpur Tour Packages

Full Adventurous Rajasthan Tour Package

5 Days 4 Nights

Full Adventurous Rajasthan Tour Package

Chittorgarh / Jodhpur / Kumbhalgarh / Ranakpur / Udaipur
Starting From
₹ 21,499
Special Udaipur, Jodhpur And Jaisalmer Tour Package

6 Days 5 Nights

Special Udaipur, Jodhpur And Jaisalmer Tour Package

Jaisalmer / Jodhpur / Kumbhalgarh / Ranakpur / Udaipur
Starting From
₹ 25,799
Specialties Of Marwad And Mewar Tour Package

6 Day(s) 5 Night(s)

Specialties Of Marwad And Mewar Tour Package

Jaisalmer / Jodhpur / Ranakpur / Udaipur
Starting From
₹ 25,999
Mewar and Marwar Tour Package

9 Days 8 Nights

Mewar and Marwar Tour Package

Bikaner / Jaipur / Jaisalmer / Jodhpur / Mount Abu / Ranakpur / Thar Desert / Udaipur
Starting From
₹ 37,999
All Exciting Rajasthan 10 Days Tour Package

10 Days 9 Nights

All Exciting Rajasthan 10 Days Tour Package

Jaipur / Jaisalmer / Jodhpur / Kumbhalgarh / Pushkar / Ranakpur / Thar Desert / Udaipur
Starting From
₹ 38,999
Smart and Thorough Rajasthan 11 Days Tour Package

11 Days 10 Nights

Smart and Thorough Rajasthan 11 Days Tour Package

Jaipur / Jaisalmer / Jodhpur / Kumbhalgarh / Mount Abu / Pushkar / Ranakpur / Thar Desert / Udaipur
Starting From
₹ 41,999
Special Rajasthan & Agra Tour

14 days 13 nights

Special Rajasthan & Agra Tour

Agra / Delhi / Jaipur / Jaisalmer / Jodhpur / Kumbhalgarh / Mount Abu / Pushkar / Ranakpur / Thar Desert / Udaipur
Starting From
₹ 73,000

Best Places to Visit with Ranakpur Tour Package

The city of Ranakpur is one of the most popular pilgrimage destinations, therefore it naturally has many interesting points of interest. As you opt for our Ranakpur Tour Package the door to a great many sites of the city gets opened in front of you. Here they are.

Our Ranakpur travel Package starts with this temple. All Jain people place great importance on this temple, and tourists recognise it as one of Ranakpur’s top attractions. Then, there is a large concentration of religious buildings here. It has a total size of 4,500 square yards and has 29 separate halls.

This settlement at the foot of the neighbouring hill is really picturesque. About 6 km distant lies the city of Ranakpur. Ranakpur is one of India’s most visited cities because of the abundance of Hindu and other temples there. The most visited Jain temple is one dedicated to the first Tirthankara, Lord Adinath. Beautiful artwork adorns every wall of the temple. All of these places are includes in the Ranakpur Holiday Package.

Numerous churches and temples attest to the fact that this is a major religious hub. It is one of Ranakpur’s top tourist spots. The Jain faith has long held this site in high regard as a sacred pilgrimage destination.

This is yet another beautiful sight that visitors to Ranakpur really must see. Many individuals make the trip here specifically to pray. Now, the temple’s interior is for the sun god. Inside the temple is a statue that represents the sun deity riding a chariot pulled by seven horses.

One of the temple’s most intriguing features is Mahavir’s moustache. Visit this amazing landmark in Ranakpur if you’re there.

All of these sites are your best memorable time within the Ranakpur Holiday Package. Just give us a call and we will share a full travel itinerary with you as per your cofort.

How to Reach Ranakpur

Now, check out our comprehensive Ranakpur Tour Package if you have interest in learning how to go to Ranakpur. We go through the many routes that visitors might use to get to this gorgeous location in it. Due to the many booking alternatives we have available, we provide you the finest opportunity to travel as you like.

By Road

Buses bound towards Ranakpur leave from Udaipur’s central bus station. The fare will range from 50 to 70 rupees.

By Train

About 27 km would get you from the Falna Railway station in Rajasthan to Ranakpur.

By Air

About 68 km separate Ranakpur from Udaipur’s Dabok Airport. Taking a taxi or cab from the airport to Ranakpur is a viable option. Moreover, Udaipur has frequent flights to and from other major Indian cities including Mumbai, Delhi, and others. The Falna Railway station in Rajasthan is the nearest railhead to Ranakpur, situated around 27 kilometres distant from the city.

Now, our Ranakpur Travel Package has all these options available. As per your budget you can find the best options for you. Just call us and we will do the booking for you.

Shopping Market in Ranakpur

Tourists visit Ranakpur because it offers them a peaceful escape from the bustle of the city. Thus, every vacationer should visit this great area to purchase for a variety of unique products. This little village specialises in miniature paintings and other Rajasthani handicrafts. Surely, as you go for the top Ranakpur travel Package you get the perfect opportunity to visit these wonderful shopping areas with us.

Carved artefacts, marble carvings, and more are available for purchase in the city. The picturesque city of Ranakpur offers a unique shopping experience with silver jewellery, bangles with rare and sparkling gems, ceramics, and more.

Private companies provide superior products that should be in everyone’s collections and may sometimes do so at cheaper prices than the government’s treasury. Travellers having interest in picking up some authentic Rajasthani handicrafts in vibrant colours and unique designs are urged to visit the stunning city of Ranakpur. Leaving the area without taking advantage of the market streets’ large selection of high-quality goods would be a terrible mistake.

The Best Time to Visit Ranakpur

Our Ranakpur Holiday Package is customizable for your requirement. The winter months are often the best time to visit Ranakpur. The scorching heat has abated, and a cooling trend has set in. Because of the pleasant weather, winter is the ideal season to explore the region. So this would be an appropriate opportunity for you to make use of the Ranakpur Tour Package and find your trip to this place a success in all its respects.

So, as a part of the Ranakpur Tour Package we will offer you the best package for you. Exceptional travel solutions customized for you are now with us. Call us now!

FAQs for Ranakpur Tour Package

Is it possible to take photographs in Ranakpur ?

The temple itself is open for photography at any time, while the main shrine containing the god’s sculptures is off-limits from 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. The photo shoot is scheduled between noon until five o’clock.

Is a trip to the temple in Ranakpur worthwhile ?

The city of Ranakpur is undeniably well of a visit, if only to see the famous temple of Ranakpur, which has been around since the 15th century. The temple is all there is to see, yet its astounding beauty and careful craftsmanship will leave a lasting impact.

What is the appropriate manner of attire for the Ranakpur temple ?

The temple opens to the public at midday, and visitors are not permitted to carry mobile phones within. Shoulders and legs must be covered at all times.

What makes Ranakpur such a unique place to visit ?

The Ranakpur temple complex in Rajasthan has 24 chambers with pillared ceilings, 80 domes supported by 400 columns, and 1444 artistically carved pillars. The complex is the sum of all these parts. The architect who created this whole temple deserves praise for a job well done since no two of these pillars are same.

How much time do you recommend spending in Ajmer ?

The average time spent in the Ajmer Sharif Dargah is between two and three hours. A visit to the Ajmer Sharif Dargah is highly recommended throughout the months of November and March, as well as on the occasion of the Pushkar Fair.